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I'm a landscape and portraiture photographer, but frankly if it's in Maine I feel an impulse to take a picture of it. So you'll see a lot of picture of wild turkeys and lighthouses on my website.

I've lived most of my life in Maine and worked on local films prior to this. After getting married and going on our honeymoon to Iceland my interest in photography was piqued. Living in the beautiful state of Maine also gave me many opportunities to hone my skills and get me hooked.

My goal is to show the grace and strength of Maine's coast, its buildings and most importantly the people. For portraits, I love to hear people's stories way before I have a camera in my hand. It shows in my work whether it's an environmental portrait or a headshot that I am able to capture their character. For my landscape work I usually tend to be persistent, revisiting the same place until I feel the sense of the place thoroughly.
Thank you for taking the time to check out my photos.


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I’m hoping to expand soon, but for now most of my pictures
that aren’t here are on my instagram page above.  


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